Chapter 28: What is the Harvest Festival?

Did you know that the Fall Festival is called differently by each race of Middle-earth?

  • Elves call it Iavasmereth, where Iavas = autumn, mereth = festival in Sindarin.
    It most likely originated from Yavanna, as her name is also known as Ivann, with September being Ivanneth.
  • Men call it Harvestmath which is actually the ninth month in Bree calendar (though it seems the Hobbits of Bree use it more than men). Math stands for month and not the other kind of math as mentioned in the comic.
  • Dwarves simply call it Autumnfest, which makes sense since they aren’t really known for farming crops. I wondered what they actually grow and eat in the caves and mines, and ended up with mushrooms.
  • Hobbits are the ones that call it Harvest Festival, but really all the harvest & food related events are taken care of during the earlier Farmer’s Faire and the Harvest Festival is all about Halloweeny spooky haunted pranks, so there we have it!

Words of the Stripper:
I must say this was probably the most effort I’ve spent painting the background, and it was really fun drawing all the different parts of the Middle-earth in one comic.
Elvish carvings are tricky though!

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Chapter 27: Patches for Eyes


Words of the Stripper:
I start’d on a different comic, but whence I saw th’ poor naked dwarf Thrasili at Pirate’s Ales & Tales I just had ta draw this.

I tried my best to upload this before the Talk Like A Pirate Day was over, but it really cut close. Welp, them scallywags must’v not had Daylight Savings Time back in th’ days, so it technically still counts, aye? AYE??

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Chapter 26: Fly, You Fowls!

See, they want to fly! It’s not animal abuse! 😛
(Nobody tell them they just end up in the graveyard right down the hill…)

Words of the Stripper:
I originally planned to upload this in time for Hobnanigans, but ended up being stuck for two weeks… much apologies!
At least it’s still the Month of the Chicken, so bok bok bakawk!

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Chapter 25: Pipe-weed Smoke-off

What is your favourite pipe-weed?
Gotta love fancy ones like Sweet Galenas (sailing ship that Gandalf floated in the movie), but my usual go-to pipe-weed is Old Toby! ♡

Featured pipe-weed in the order of appearance:

  • Longbottom Leaf (single ring)
  • Old Toby (heart ring)
  • Roper’s Twist (spiraling line)
  • Shire Sweet-leaf (butterflies)
  • Dragon’s Breath (flying dragon breathing fire)

If anybody needs any pipe-weed, please let Carica know and she’ll grab you a barrel or two from Saruman’s stash! 😉

Words of the Stripper:
I accidentally deleted part of the comic & overwrote, so had to redraw a lot of it! >_<
Gotta remember to save often!

Also, excessive smoking can be bad for your health in real life.
Please be nice to your and your loved ones’ lungs!

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Chapter 24: Vendor Waste Not

Some of you may find this familiar as I’ve actually told this horror story at Ales & Tales last year or so. I already had the idea for this comic then too, but it was taking so long that I just ended up telling it first.

Now, like the Hornblower story, this is just a conjecture. It may or may not be the truth. Though it does make me wonder if this is why the travelling rations really got discontinued… 😛

Words of the Stripper:
The bulletin board may look the same as chapter 21, but it’s actually updated with some of the older papers ripped, which unfortunately doesn’t show under the poster for the upcoming Weatherstock because it’s too big… darnit. It looked very natural too! There’s also an inquiry for the Secret Pie Vault, and the Aegthil wanted poster has been vandalized. (I wonder who drew a moustache and wrote ‘Fool’ on it… XD)

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Chapter 23: Firework Misdirection

This actually happened once during the Anniversary Festival.
Well, the fireworks announcer wasn’t exactly THAT elaborate, but he gave instructions for the same colour several times in a row that I actually grew complacent and almost messed it up when he finally switched!
Gotta pay attention!

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Chapter 22: Do Not Follow the Signs

Have you been wondering just what kind of confusing signs you’ve been posting in the hedge maze? Now you can finally read them!

It is not recommended to follow the directions.
It’s always the OTHER left, isn’t it?!

Words of the Stripper:
Did you catch the references for Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show & Monopoly Jail card? 😉

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