Chapter 21: Looting for Tasks

Have you imagined what cutting up various animal parts, collecting broken gears and scooping up those filthy oozy gooey stuff would be like in real life?

Thank Eru for auto-loot!

If you want a clear view of whatever is written on the task bulletin board, check here.
If you don’t remember what happened with the Hornblower pies, check here.

No actual animals were harmed during making of this comic.
That brigand deserved it though.

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Chapter 20: Stocking for Winterstock VI

Winterstock VI is here, now with a handy dandy visitor’s guide! 😉
Join us at the frozen lake near Thorin’s Gate on Landroval server for a weekend full of music and fun with whoppin’ 42 bands!

  • Friday, January 18:  2PM – 11PM
  • Saturday, January 19:  12PM – 1AM
  • Sunday, January 20:  11AM – 11PM
  • Monday, January 21:  2PM – 10PM

All times are in /servertime (EST).
BBB, Andune and Old Winyards (not actual A&T) will all take place there at their usual times.

For the complete band schedule, check here.
Stay warm and have fun!

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Chapter 19: Joining a Kinship

As usual, based on true events. I’m so glad I got to join the best LOTRO kinship ever: The Lonely Mountain Band!

Words of the Stripper:
The jokes on other kinships are not aimed at any particular actual kinships, and the white hand orcs may or may not have tried to recruit me. XD

The 6th panel is based on the actual screenshot I took when I came across an LMB gathering for the very first time back in August of 2011. It was my 15th screenshot, and shown here are (cut off at the left is Brenyn, sorry! I could only draw so many! >_<), Anarwald, Lennidhren, Torvath, Beorbrand, Ellasse and Bluebonnett, and the 7th panel is none other than Tinki herself.

Ahh, memories!
I may write an in-depth blog about how I got to join LMB later as well.

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Chapter 18: Free the Tree

I don’t know why hobbits wouldn’t believe each other’s stories. 😛

Words of the Stripper:
I rewrote the story for this chapter so many times!

At first, it was going to be about being stalked by a walking tree and then getting startled in Old Forest, but then I realized that I encountered the walking tree in the Shire first, so I had to focus on this quest chain instead.

What was edited out of the storyboard is Carica putting her hands on the tree, dozens of baby spiders crawling out and her freaking out and taking out the torch recalling the Spider-foe chapter, all while spilling the slug draught on the tree, making it run off.
It would have been funnier, but I couldn’t fit all that in and still make her manage to escort the tree in a single comic, so they had to be cut out. Besides, having a grand adventure with the tree is much better outcome than possibly burning it all down.

Shhh… don’t tell the tree about the fire. They’re friends now.

Fun fact: Spider blood is actually pale blue as depicted in the 4th panel. That’s another animal biology trivia you’re getting from here!

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Chapter 16: Magic Bowl 3000

This is an unpaid advertisement brought to you by the Cook’s Guild.

Words of the Stripper:
I’ve always wanted to make a silly informercial strip. XD

In LOTRO game, when you craft cooking, all you ever do is stir the same darned bowl no matter what kind of fancy complicated dish you’re creating.
Baking a pie? Stir.
Roasting a bacon-wrapped partridge? Stir.
Cooking up an entire feast of Anorien? You get it, stir.
We definitely need more cooking emote.

I remember there being frying pan action during a festival quest. I SO want that to be an actual emote. I’d even pay for it at the store if they ever make it available!

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