Chickening Around the Strip: Prologue

Chickening Around Prologue

Word of the Stripper:
And with this, my strip blog is officially launched. This will be a LotRO-related webcomic series, which will be full of LMB/BBB/LotR inside jokes.
I wanted to make a simple preview strip at first, but because I haven’t drawn anything for so long, I started really having fun while drawing it and got quite carried away and ended up spending so many hours on it… which doesn’t really show though. LOL
I have not really decided on a set style for the series yet, and since I need tons of practice to get the outfits and background right, expect slow update and fluctuating art style.
Apparently my image is a bit too big for the blog template, but to read all the small texts, it’s inevitable. Click on the crunched up image to view the bigger, original size.

Next Chapter

Author: Carica

An ever so hungry and nosy hobbit who likes chickening around with a pie in one hand and a pretzelhorn in the other.

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