Guard of Isen

Carica Berrywine is now known as Guard of Isen!

Turbine is having a one-day only Black Friday sale on Rise of Isengard expansion pack – all three versions of it at 50% of the original price – so I had to get it.
I bought the Legendary bundle that comes with all the quest packs, outfits, mounts, and 1000 bonus TP. All that for only $25! I must say that it’s an amazing deal.
I’ve been saving up my TP to get the Mines of Moria expansion, but with this, I can go wherever I want, do whatever quest I want, and eat whatever I want! Okay, well, maybe the last part already applied but I still had to say it.
It’s still on sale at the moment, so if you haven’t yet, go get it now because there’s only a few hours left! It still shows the original price on the website, but once you click on the purchase button, it displays the correct price.

Armour of the Westfold and White-Clad Pony of the Gap in full glory!

The main difference between pre-order and regular purchase is that you don’t get the Derudh’s Stone that grants 25% bonus exp which I don’t really need anyway since I’m currently just working on my lower level quests and slayer deeds, and also the cloak that matches with the Rohirrim armour. Wait, what? NO MATCHING CLOAK?!

My back feels so bare... *sniff*

I’ve been searching high and low for an alternative cloak, but it was difficult to find the right one that fits because I just had to choose the white outfit which is not the best dye in the world. *sigh* Of course, I have all three colors, but I liked white the best on Carica so I practically brought this upon myself.
The ones that I like so far that fits somewhat and looks decent in white are Ranger’s Cloak of Théodred (expensive to tailor, level 75) and Cloak of the Silver Birch (Costs 195TP from LotRO store).

Left: Cloak of Théodred. Right: Cloak of the Silver Birch

So, for now until I decide on which cloak to get, I’m just wearing the Elegant Backpack which actually fits nicely in terms of color and design.

Epic armour and... a backpack...

Well, enough bantering about the cloak. Time to go on more adventures!
There is no strip this week because this blog counts for it. So there, Blue! 😛

2 thoughts on “Guard of Isen”

  1. Working my way backwards through your posts as I just discovered you today. The backpack does look really good on her. What sort of things do you have her wearing these days?

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