Chickening Around Joins LotRO Combo Blog!

Here are a couple of news – or chicken feed – regarding Chickening Around.

Feed #1
Chickening Around has joined the LotRO Combo Blog!
The LotRO Combo Blog combines the feeds of many popular Lord of the Rings Online related blogs, such as Casual Stroll to Mordor, Cosmetic LotRO, and even Keli’s LotRO Journal. If you happen to be following a number of blogs, this collective blog feed makes it easy to see the previews of all of them at a glance instead of checking each one individually for update. You can submit your own LotRO blog feed to be added too! Once it’s added, every time you make a new blog entry, the feed will be updated automatically. How convenient is that?

Feed #2
Follow Chickening Around on the new twitter account, @chickenaround!
It’s also Carica’s personal twitter – although I never really tweet other than during Ales & Tales, so chances of it being used are 1%. To be honest, I just made it because I saw ‘connect your twitter account’ option on wordpress and thought, why not? XD

Feed #3
Remember how I first said that In-character posts and strips will be posted under Carica and Out-of-character real life posts will be posted under SnowCrasher? I decided to get rid of the whole Carica/SnowCrasher thing because it’s a hassel to log in and out of accounts, and I started mixing the two up. So, to simplify things, both IC and OOC articles will be posted by Carica alone!

That’s it for this week’s chicken feed! Comic update will be next week.


Chapter 4: You Cannot Escape

Darn Nosey Hobbit!
Bad Nosey Hobbit!!
Cursed Nosey Hobbit!!!

If you have ever come across the evil chain of quests for delivering mail in the Shire…
I pity your soul.
Those darn Nosey Hobbits will spot you from a mile away and make sure that you fail your quest no matter what.
Although, I must say that Nosey Hobbit is surprisingly well-dressed. I want her dress.

Word of the Stripper:
Did you see that? There was actually a new comic update within two weeks!
I’m trying to push for a bi-weekly release because I have so many ideas, and at the current pace it’ll be years before I get to draw them.
Then again, this could just be a coincidence and I could go back to my lazy state any day!

Next Chapter
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New Headers

I’ve been going through my LOtRO screenshots, and made a few new header images out of them. Including the previous 2, there are 9 header images in total now that displays randomly whenever you visit the site.
Click on the images to view them in full size!

Header 1 Chicken Run to Rivendell

Header 2 Dwarf Marching in Misty Mountains
Dwarf March

Header 3 CSTM Charity Fellowship Walk
Fellowship Walk

Header 4 The Shire
The Shire

Header 5 Grape Crushing at Northcotton Farm
Grape Crushing

Header 6 Moria Feast in the Twenty-first Hall
Moria Feast

Header 7 Dancing Crowd

Header 8 BBB

Header 9 LMB at Yule Party

That’s a lot of different headers! Tell me which one you like the most on the newly created poll on the right side!