New Headers


I’ve been going through my LOtRO screenshots, and made a few new header images out of them. Including the previous 2, there are 9 header images in total now that displays randomly whenever you visit the site.
Click on the images to view them in full size!

Header 1 Chicken Run to Rivendell

Header 2 Dwarf Marching in Misty Mountains
Dwarf March

Header 3 CSTM Charity Fellowship Walk
Fellowship Walk

Header 4 The Shire
The Shire

Header 5 Grape Crushing at Northcotton Farm
Grape Crushing

Header 6 Moria Feast in the Twenty-first Hall
Moria Feast

Header 7 Dancing Crowd

Header 8 BBB

Header 9 LMB at Yule Party

That’s a lot of different headers! Tell me which one you like the most on the newly created poll on the right side!

Author: Carica

An ever so hungry and nosy hobbit who likes chickening around with a pie in one hand and a pretzelhorn in the other.

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