Chapter 4: You Cannot Escape

You Cannot Escape

Darn Nosey Hobbit!
Bad Nosey Hobbit!!
Cursed Nosey Hobbit!!!

If you have ever come across the evil chain of quests for delivering mail in the Shire…
I pity your soul.
Those darn Nosey Hobbits will spot you from a mile away and make sure that you fail your quest no matter what.
Although, I must say that Nosey Hobbit is surprisingly well-dressed. I want her dress.

Word of the Stripper:
Did you see that? There was actually a new comic update within two weeks!
I’m trying to push for a bi-weekly release because I have so many ideas, and at the current pace it’ll be years before I get to draw them.
Then again, this could just be a coincidence and I could go back to my lazy state any day!

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Author: Carica

An ever so hungry and nosy hobbit who likes chickening around with a pie in one hand and a pretzelhorn in the other.

14 thoughts on “Chapter 4: You Cannot Escape”

  1. I agree with your portrayal… those bobbits are EEEVIIILLLL…

    On another note — were you still running around wearing your starter armor at the time? No fancy cosmetics? :O

  2. I swear, I will do something someday worthy of being in this comic! MARK MY WORDS!

    There, now that my crazed egotistical speech is over, Wonderful work, Carica!

  3. Oh my, this one picture actually is quite frightening! (I am really faint-hearted when it comes to “horror”-stuff even when it actually is NOT horror… *scratches head*). So well done, I wished I had only just a tiny bit of your drawing-talent.

  4. Love your comics! ❤
    Good to see you're on Twitter now too! My blog-following business is in total chaos, but Twitters seems to work for me, and I love your posts! Must take a lot of time to make these and you're so talented!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of followers lately even when I haven’t updated it in a month! XD I really should put some more activity on it.

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