Chapter 33: Farmers Faire

There is a quest during Farmers Faire to scold drunk hobbits rambling. What the hobbits are supposed to say when they’re sober is “The Farmers Faire is my favourite festival of all! I like when the farmers judge the local pigs,” but after a few pints the judge becomes the judged, and that has always been one of my favourite twist along with ‘toes in your hair growing thick and curly.’ XD

Words of the Stripper:
You knew I was going to make a comic strip about this one day. It was too good to pass! Toes on hair isn’t as pleasant to draw, so that is a pass. 😛

The Farmers Faire & Summer Festival are still going until September 14, so go play with your drunken hobbits!

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Author: Carica

An ever so hungry and nosy hobbit who likes chickening around with a pie in one hand and a pretzelhorn in the other.

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