What the Mordor is This?!

There once was a hobbit, who liked pie, and soup, and bread, and meat, and ale, and pipe-weed, and music, and chicken.

Carica Berrywine is a hobbit minstrel on Landroval server in Lord of the Rings Online game. She is a member of The Lonely Mountain Band kinship, and also the only sensible voice of pieholic in Bards, Beers & Longbeards.
This is a journal/strip/blog thingamajig where Carica will be recording her adventures and strange happenings in Middle-Earth, be it in literary or so-called artistic form.

Most of these will be written in RP character, but there will also be occasional OOC posts by the stripper behind the tablet. (No, not THAT kind of stripper! Of comics!)

You can also find her chasing more chickens on Twitter and Facebook, and the stripper hag’s other art can be found on DeviantArt.

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