Chapter 15: Harvest Time

Crops grow so fast in Middle-Earth!

Words of the Stripper:
Growing crops would take several months for the hobbits in Middle-Earth in real life, but thankfully in lotro, you can quickly harvest dozens of crops in mere minutes.

That NPC sure is breaking the fourth wall though!

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Chapter 13: Chickening Around – Part 2

Aaaand here’s the exciting conclusion of Chickening Around, where Carica’s suffering continues! Oh, the perils of a defenseless chicken!
Save the chicken. Eat pigs instead. (Wait, what?)
Play this video for the added dramatic flair on the last panel. XD

The resemblance of the cook on the 4th panel to a certain chef in Forochel region is completely intentional coincidental.

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Chapter 12: Chickening Around – Part 1

The chicken instance quests at Sandson’s Farm are surreal! I have no idea what kind of funny magic Billina is using to turn me into a chicken. She must be some sort of chicken wizard- er, gizzard…?

Words of the Stripper:
Fun fact: Birds in general has a more advanced colour receptor than humans, and they can see RGB plus UV! Thus the simulated UV-enhanced view on panel 6 and 7.
That’s right, we don’t just chicken around. We are also educational!

Also, yes, this is a 2-part story. Look out for part 2 in two weeks! 😉

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Chapter 11: Weatherstock X

This is totally not an advertisement disguised as a comic. *cough*

Weatherstock X is here!
Join us in our 10th year of the biggest music festival & competition in all of the Middle Earth next week featuring 17 bands from across the world!

Starts at 10:30AM /servertime (EDT) on July 21, 2018 at Weathertop on Landroval server.

Check the website for the full schedule and details.
Follow the twitter @Weatherstock.
If you can’t be there in person, you can watch the LOTRO Twitch Live stream.

Carica will also be there with the rest of the Lonely Mountain Band.
See you there!

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Chapter 10: Hornblower’s Secret

(In case it was not clear: She’s simply scraping the bad berries off the old pie and filling it back with new berries, reusing the pie crust.)

Disclaimer: This is only a speculation. She may as well be supplying them to the bounders as a bio weapon against the Dourhands for all I know.

Seriously though, WHY does she insist that we deliver all of them back to her? It can’t be to save her reputation, because I already tell them “Holly gave you a death pie, so please return it” before picking them up anyway.

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