Chapter 11: Weatherstock X

This is totally not an advertisement disguised as a comic. *cough*

Weatherstock X is here!
Join us in our 10th year of the biggest music festival & competition in all of the Middle Earth next week featuring 17 bands from across the world!

Starts at 10:30AM /servertime (EDT) on July 21, 2018 at Weathertop on Landroval server.

Check the website for the full schedule and details.
Follow the twitter @Weatherstock.
If you can’t be there in person, you can watch the LOTRO Twitch Live stream.

Carica will also be there with the rest of the Lonely Mountain Band.
See you there!

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Chapter 10: Hornblower’s Secret

(In case it was not clear: She’s simply scraping the bad berries off the old pie and filling it back with new berries, reusing the pie crust.)

Disclaimer: This is only a speculation. She may as well be supplying them to the bounders as a bio weapon against the Dourhands for all I know.

Seriously though, WHY does she insist that we deliver all of them back to her? It can’t be to save her reputation, because I already tell them “Holly gave you a death pie, so please return it” before picking them up anyway.

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Chapter 9: Hungry Hungry Hobbit

I did try to warn him, y’know…
What was in Hornblower’s pies? They must’ve been really bad berries!
Just when you thought delivering those pies and mail separately was a nuisance…
Here comes hardcore difficulty: Delivering pies by mail!

Words of the Stripper:
Appropriate Sound effect for the 2nd panel!

All the hobbit clothes are pretty accurate as seen in-game. In fact, I spent way too much time getting the details down. It was fun getting to know them though.
I still want their clothes for myself. Why do they get to dress better than me?!

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Hobbit Carica

Hello everyone! Today is not a comic update day, but since there were so much traffic coming in thanks to Chickening Around being featured on this week’s LOTRO Beacon: Issue 62, I wanted to draw something to welcome the new readers.
So, here is a sort-of portrait of hobbit Carica.

She ended up looking a little different from how she looks in game because of the eye & nose shape but otherwise it’s pretty much how I imagine her to be. Hehe

Gotta love the feeling of homeliness in the Shire!

Chapter 8: The Undying

Based on a true story.

Words of the Stripper:
You see, there’s this series of survivor titles in LOTRO which are the ONLY missable titles ever in the game. Once you are defeated prematurely before acquiring those, you can never, ever get them again on that character, forever.

I died in the Old Forest at level 19 because I got too reckless as shown in the strip. It was really a hard decision to remake the character because it meant doing everything up to that all over again (including dodging all the nosey hobbits) but in the end it was worth it. I played extra carefully in the next play-through up to 20 and that’s the Carica you see now! (And yes, I died soon after I got the Undying title. LOL)

Yep, that person in panel 6 & 7 is indeed your stripper behind the screen. (Holy 4th wall breaking, batman!) And no, my monitor isn’t that big, but had to make it big enough for the pop up menu to show up and keep the head small enough to make room for the text.
Also, that last panel is the first panel of Chapter 2 where I create my minstrel character for consistency and time loop paradox funsies! It says “3rd” because my very first character was made on Brandywine server before I found out that Landroval was the happening place for casual RP, thankfully while I was still a level 6 baby hobbit.

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Chapter 7: Way of the Minstrel

…Uh, that was totally intentional. Yeah.

Have you ever wondered how exactly minstrels deal damage?
Well, now you know.

Words of the Stripper:
I’ve been practicing painting illustration lately and ended up spending way too much time on colouring which ate up all the time and still look messy.
The 4th panel is supposed to be the light bulb lighting up cliche, but since electricity didn’t exist in the Middle-earth, you get the candle lighting up instead. XD

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