Happy Yulefest and a Merry New Year

*blows the dust off the screen*
*cough hack cough ahem*

Is this thing on?
Ah, first, apologies to anyone who thought there was a new comic after seeing the blog being updated, but I figured I should at least post something before the year was over.

For those who haven’t realized yet, your prodigal hobbit has been sorta kinda back in middle-earth for over a month now after wandering around jumping around WildStar and ArcheAge among other things. I’ve done some good chicken whacking and got my very own emergency food suppl- I mean, adorable pet chicken! You can find me coping with the degenerates every Saturday at the Pony nowadays.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of grinding the yulefest to buy whatever items I have lost and to complete the deeds. There has got to be a better way to have fun in festivals other than grinding for tokens, really. Through much patience I have finally acquired all the yule warsteed cosmetics and cosmetic companions. Yes, I am such a hopeless packrat as ever.

I am also almost done with doing errands for silly horse people of Eastemnet and next year I should be able to finally set foot in Gondor after all these years. At least they gave me some good food. I want my own mead hall, darnit!

Welp, time goes by so fast and maybe you’ll be able to see more posts from me next year, and just maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe if you’re lucky enough, a comic strip. No promises though!
I hope you have had a good year, and to have better one from tomorrow and forth!

Chicken Stake

– Carica, the Prodigal Chicken.


LOTRO Artists and Return of Chickening Around

Oh dear, it has been over a year since I last made an update! Apologies for that.

The stripper floated over to other games such as GW2, Neverwinter and The Secret World, and there has been some personal life issues as well, but now is finally back in LOTRO. (Just can’t stay away, that one.)

As for the big announcement, as you may have already seen in my tweets and Facebook and MyMiddleEarth updates, I have decided to republish Chickening Around comic strips on LOTRO Artists. Does this mean it won’t be on this blog anymore? Heavens, no!

Think of it as a cartoon being published on newspaper, but it will always be published here on the main blog first (as well as being archived over on deviantArt), and this is the only place where you will also be able to read the words of stripper and additional stories behind the comic strip, so don’t you keep your eyes away from here!

As an even better news: there will finally be a new chapter some time in early October! Huzzah!

That said, do check out LOTRO Artists that just went live today. It has news, interviews, podcasts, articles on many creative folks of LOTRO, and of course, muffins.

Chickening Around Joins LotRO Combo Blog!

Here are a couple of news – or chicken feed – regarding Chickening Around.

Feed #1
Chickening Around has joined the LotRO Combo Blog!
The LotRO Combo Blog combines the feeds of many popular Lord of the Rings Online related blogs, such as Casual Stroll to Mordor, Cosmetic LotRO, and even Keli’s LotRO Journal. If you happen to be following a number of blogs, this collective blog feed makes it easy to see the previews of all of them at a glance instead of checking each one individually for update. You can submit your own LotRO blog feed to be added too! Once it’s added, every time you make a new blog entry, the feed will be updated automatically. How convenient is that?

Feed #2
Follow Chickening Around on the new twitter account, @chickenaround!
It’s also Carica’s personal twitter – although I never really tweet other than during Ales & Tales, so chances of it being used are 1%. To be honest, I just made it because I saw ‘connect your twitter account’ option on wordpress and thought, why not? XD

Feed #3
Remember how I first said that In-character posts and strips will be posted under Carica and Out-of-character real life posts will be posted under SnowCrasher? I decided to get rid of the whole Carica/SnowCrasher thing because it’s a hassel to log in and out of accounts, and I started mixing the two up. So, to simplify things, both IC and OOC articles will be posted by Carica alone!

That’s it for this week’s chicken feed! Comic update will be next week.

New Headers

I’ve been going through my LOtRO screenshots, and made a few new header images out of them. Including the previous 2, there are 9 header images in total now that displays randomly whenever you visit the site.
Click on the images to view them in full size!

Header 1 Chicken Run to Rivendell

Header 2 Dwarf Marching in Misty Mountains
Dwarf March

Header 3 CSTM Charity Fellowship Walk
Fellowship Walk

Header 4 The Shire
The Shire

Header 5 Grape Crushing at Northcotton Farm
Grape Crushing

Header 6 Moria Feast in the Twenty-first Hall
Moria Feast

Header 7 Dancing Crowd

Header 8 BBB

Header 9 LMB at Yule Party

That’s a lot of different headers! Tell me which one you like the most on the newly created poll on the right side!

A New Beginning

And so, another year has gone by, and a new year has come.

Highlights of 2011 regarding the world of Middle-Earth:
Purchased the extended box set of LotR blu-ray
Started playing LotRO
Started reading the Silmarillion – never finished
Joined LMB
Got involved with BBB – degeneration
Started comic strip blog – much procrastination
Became an officer of LMB – I fear for the future of LMB

My goals for 2012:
Get Carica to level 75
Attend Weatherstock!
Read more Tolkien books
Watch the Hobbit movie!!!
Draw more strips

Chapter two of the comic strip has been sitting unfinished for a month now, due to me being busy/lazy/distracted/whatever excuse you can add, but there will definitely be an update this week, so look forward to it!

Guard of Isen

Carica Berrywine is now known as Guard of Isen!

Turbine is having a one-day only Black Friday sale on Rise of Isengard expansion pack – all three versions of it at 50% of the original price – so I had to get it.
I bought the Legendary bundle that comes with all the quest packs, outfits, mounts, and 1000 bonus TP. All that for only $25! I must say that it’s an amazing deal.
I’ve been saving up my TP to get the Mines of Moria expansion, but with this, I can go wherever I want, do whatever quest I want, and eat whatever I want! Okay, well, maybe the last part already applied but I still had to say it.
It’s still on sale at the moment, so if you haven’t yet, go get it now because there’s only a few hours left! It still shows the original price on the website, but once you click on the purchase button, it displays the correct price.

Armour of the Westfold and White-Clad Pony of the Gap in full glory!

The main difference between pre-order and regular purchase is that you don’t get the Derudh’s Stone that grants 25% bonus exp which I don’t really need anyway since I’m currently just working on my lower level quests and slayer deeds, and also the cloak that matches with the Rohirrim armour. Wait, what? NO MATCHING CLOAK?!

My back feels so bare... *sniff*

I’ve been searching high and low for an alternative cloak, but it was difficult to find the right one that fits because I just had to choose the white outfit which is not the best dye in the world. *sigh* Of course, I have all three colors, but I liked white the best on Carica so I practically brought this upon myself.
The ones that I like so far that fits somewhat and looks decent in white are Ranger’s Cloak of Théodred (expensive to tailor, level 75) and Cloak of the Silver Birch (Costs 195TP from LotRO store).

Left: Cloak of Théodred. Right: Cloak of the Silver Birch

So, for now until I decide on which cloak to get, I’m just wearing the Elegant Backpack which actually fits nicely in terms of color and design.

Epic armour and... a backpack...

Well, enough bantering about the cloak. Time to go on more adventures!
There is no strip this week because this blog counts for it. So there, Blue! 😛

And so, another blogger bites the bait!

So, here I am, finally getting around to starting a blog like the rest of BBB. I’m not just trying to fit in with the crowd, really. If anything, I should not be following their example, but here I am nonetheless.

Apparently, BBB stands for Bards, Beers, and Bloggers. Okay, they say that the last B really stands for Longbeards, although I have no idea how that works when it clearly starts with an L. Beorbrand insists that the Beard is the important part, but I think he just decided on that because he doesn’t want to start a concert and tell the audience members to Be Back Later, but I digress. They are all big on blogging for some reason. I think Aegthil is just being narcissistic and Beor had to have some place to ramble since he’s perpetually drunk, and Bluebonnett is just that cool, but Geoffroi also has one and with Ellasse joining in the action, I just had to, especially since they were all twisting my arm to the point of breaking – literally.

*pie intermission*

Anyhow, this is where I shall record all – most of – some of – well, only when I feel like it – my adventures and strange happenings of Middle-Earth, be it literary or artistic form. I cannot promise any regular updates as I am very busy*cough*lazy but we’ll see how far I can go with this thing.