Chapter 4: You Cannot Escape

You Cannot Escape

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Darn Nosey Hobbit!
Bad Nosey Hobbit!!
Cursed Nosey Hobbit!!!

If you have ever come across the evil chain of quests for delivering mail in the Shire…
I pity your soul.
Those darn Nosey Hobbits will spot you from a mile away and make sure that you fail your quest no matter what.
Although, I must say that Nosey Hobbit is surprisingly well-dressed. I want her dress.

Word of the Stripper:
Did you see that? There was actually a new comic update within two weeks!
I’m trying to push for a bi-weekly release because I have so many ideas, and at the current pace it’ll be years before I get to draw them.
Then again, this could just be a coincidence and I could go back to my lazy state any day!


New Headers

I’ve been going through my LOtRO screenshots, and made a few new header images out of them. Including the previous 2, there are 9 header images in total now that displays randomly whenever you visit the site.
Click on the images to view them in full size!

Header 1 Chicken Run to Rivendell

Header 2 Dwarf Marching in Misty Mountains
Dwarf March

Header 3 CSTM Charity Fellowship Walk
Fellowship Walk

Header 4 The Shire
The Shire

Header 5 Grape Crushing at Northcotton Farm
Grape Crushing

Header 6 Moria Feast in the Twenty-first Hall
Moria Feast

Header 7 Dancing Crowd

Header 8 BBB

Header 9 LMB at Yule Party

That’s a lot of different headers! Tell me which one you like the most on the newly created poll on the right side!

Chapter 3: Life of a Bounder

Chickening Around Chapter 3

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Fact: Hobbits are simple… very, VERY simple.
While the other races are running left and right fighting evil and saving damsels (and a hag) in distress, hobbits simply send you on an errand. Lots and lots of errands.

Word of the Stripper:
I spend way too much time drawing these things. Well, more time procrastinating than drawing, but still…
Okay, I spend way too much time dawdling around. Gotta get it together!

Chapter 2: The First Days of a Hobbit

Chickening Around Chapter 2

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Anyone who has gone through the intro quest (including tutorial) of the Hobbit race would know of this whole ordeal.
The moment you’re thrown into the Middle-earth, you get threatened by a Ringwraith, imprisoned by Blackwolds, come across heaps of corpses and spiders, and the whole town you tried to protect ends up getting burned down. Then just when you finally manage to arrive safely in the Shire, that whiny little Sackville-Baggins of a hobbit sends you on an errand to get compensation for… himself. Whoop-dee-doo.
At least you get to hear this awesome music at the beginning.

Word of the Stripper:
Finally an update! Thank you for waiting.
I’ve been experimenting on coloring hair, which is why it looks so messy. One day I’ll settle down on a set style. I’m just so out of practice. I guess that’s what I get for not drawing for so long! The hardest part of this chapter was of course drawing all the armors. UGH. I tried to draw them as close to the original game design. I usually suck at designing clothes, so it’s very nice to have examples, but boy is it difficult! Archet burning down was the easiest thing to draw (apology to the citizens of Archet). I must’ve drawn that panel in less than 10 minutes while the first panel took me over an hour just for the armor itself. -_-

A New Beginning

And so, another year has gone by, and a new year has come.

Highlights of 2011 regarding the world of Middle-Earth:
Purchased the extended box set of LotR blu-ray
Started playing LotRO
Started reading the Silmarillion – never finished
Joined LMB
Got involved with BBB – degeneration
Started comic strip blog – much procrastination
Became an officer of LMB – I fear for the future of LMB

My goals for 2012:
Get Carica to level 75
Attend Weatherstock!
Read more Tolkien books
Watch the Hobbit movie!!!
Draw more strips

Chapter two of the comic strip has been sitting unfinished for a month now, due to me being busy/lazy/distracted/whatever excuse you can add, but there will definitely be an update this week, so look forward to it!

Guard of Isen

Carica Berrywine is now known as Guard of Isen!

Turbine is having a one-day only Black Friday sale on Rise of Isengard expansion pack – all three versions of it at 50% of the original price – so I had to get it.
I bought the Legendary bundle that comes with all the quest packs, outfits, mounts, and 1000 bonus TP. All that for only $25! I must say that it’s an amazing deal.
I’ve been saving up my TP to get the Mines of Moria expansion, but with this, I can go wherever I want, do whatever quest I want, and eat whatever I want! Okay, well, maybe the last part already applied but I still had to say it.
It’s still on sale at the moment, so if you haven’t yet, go get it now because there’s only a few hours left! It still shows the original price on the website, but once you click on the purchase button, it displays the correct price.

Armour of the Westfold and White-Clad Pony of the Gap in full glory!

The main difference between pre-order and regular purchase is that you don’t get the Derudh’s Stone that grants 25% bonus exp which I don’t really need anyway since I’m currently just working on my lower level quests and slayer deeds, and also the cloak that matches with the Rohirrim armour. Wait, what? NO MATCHING CLOAK?!

My back feels so bare... *sniff*

I’ve been searching high and low for an alternative cloak, but it was difficult to find the right one that fits because I just had to choose the white outfit which is not the best dye in the world. *sigh* Of course, I have all three colors, but I liked white the best on Carica so I practically brought this upon myself.
The ones that I like so far that fits somewhat and looks decent in white are Ranger’s Cloak of Théodred (expensive to tailor, level 75) and Cloak of the Silver Birch (Costs 195TP from LotRO store).

Left: Cloak of Théodred. Right: Cloak of the Silver Birch

So, for now until I decide on which cloak to get, I’m just wearing the Elegant Backpack which actually fits nicely in terms of color and design.

Epic armour and... a backpack...

Well, enough bantering about the cloak. Time to go on more adventures!
There is no strip this week because this blog counts for it. So there, Blue! 😛