Chapter 9: Hungry Hungry Hobbit

I did try to warn him, y’know…
What was in Hornblower’s pies? They must’ve been really bad berries!
Just when you thought delivering those pies and mail separately was a nuisance…
Here comes hardcore difficulty: Delivering pies by mail!

Words of the Stripper:
Appropriate Sound effect for the 2nd panel!

All the hobbit clothes are pretty accurate as seen in-game. In fact, I spent way too much time getting the details down. It was fun getting to know them though.
I still want their clothes for myself. Why do they get to dress better than me?!

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Chapter 3: Life of a Bounder

Fact: Hobbits are simple… very, VERY simple.
While the other races are running left and right fighting evil and saving damsels (and a hag) in distress, hobbits simply send you on an errand. Lots and lots of errands.

Word of the Stripper:
I spend way too much time drawing these things. Well, more time procrastinating than drawing, but still…
Okay, I spend way too much time dawdling around. Gotta get it together!

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Chapter 2: The First Days of a Hobbit

Anyone who has gone through the intro quest (including tutorial) of the Hobbit race would know of this whole ordeal.
The moment you’re thrown into the Middle-earth, you get threatened by a Ringwraith, imprisoned by Blackwolds, come across heaps of corpses and spiders, and the whole town you tried to protect ends up getting burned down. Then just when you finally manage to arrive safely in the Shire, that whiny little Sackville-Baggins of a hobbit sends you on an errand to get compensation for… himself. Whoop-dee-doo.
At least you get to hear this awesome music at the beginning.

Word of the Stripper:
Finally an update! Thank you for waiting.
I’ve been experimenting on coloring hair, which is why it looks so messy. One day I’ll settle down on a set style. I’m just so out of practice. I guess that’s what I get for not drawing for so long! The hardest part of this chapter was of course drawing all the armors. UGH. I tried to draw them as close to the original game design. I usually suck at designing clothes, so it’s very nice to have examples, but boy is it difficult! Archet burning down was the easiest thing to draw (apology to the citizens of Archet). I must’ve drawn that panel in less than 10 minutes while the first panel took me over an hour just for the armor itself. -_-

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