Happy Yulefest and a Merry New Year

*blows the dust off the screen*
*cough hack cough ahem*

Is this thing on?
Ah, first, apologies to anyone who thought there was a new comic after seeing the blog being updated, but I figured I should at least post something before the year was over.

For those who haven’t realized yet, your prodigal hobbit has been sorta kinda back in middle-earth for over a month now after wandering around jumping around WildStar and ArcheAge among other things. I’ve done some good chicken whacking and got my very own emergency food suppl- I mean, adorable pet chicken! You can find me coping with the degenerates every Saturday at the Pony nowadays.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of grinding the yulefest to buy whatever items I have lost and to complete the deeds. There has got to be a better way to have fun in festivals other than grinding for tokens, really. Through much patience I have finally acquired all the yule warsteed cosmetics and cosmetic companions. Yes, I am such a hopeless packrat as ever.

I am also almost done with doing errands for silly horse people of Eastemnet and next year I should be able to finally set foot in Gondor after all these years. At least they gave me some good food. I want my own mead hall, darnit!

Welp, time goes by so fast and maybe you’ll be able to see more posts from me next year, and just maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe if you’re lucky enough, a comic strip. No promises though!
I hope you have had a good year, and to have better one from tomorrow and forth!

Chicken Stake

– Carica, the Prodigal Chicken.


New Headers

I’ve been going through my LOtRO screenshots, and made a few new header images out of them. Including the previous 2, there are 9 header images in total now that displays randomly whenever you visit the site.
Click on the images to view them in full size!

Header 1 Chicken Run to Rivendell

Header 2 Dwarf Marching in Misty Mountains
Dwarf March

Header 3 CSTM Charity Fellowship Walk
Fellowship Walk

Header 4 The Shire
The Shire

Header 5 Grape Crushing at Northcotton Farm
Grape Crushing

Header 6 Moria Feast in the Twenty-first Hall
Moria Feast

Header 7 Dancing Crowd

Header 8 BBB

Header 9 LMB at Yule Party

That’s a lot of different headers! Tell me which one you like the most on the newly created poll on the right side!

Chickening Around the Strip: Prologue

Word of the Stripper:
And with this, my strip blog is officially launched. This will be a LotRO-related webcomic series, which will be full of LMB/BBB/LotR inside jokes.
I wanted to make a simple preview strip at first, but because I haven’t drawn anything for so long, I started really having fun while drawing it and got quite carried away and ended up spending so many hours on it… which doesn’t really show though. LOL
I have not really decided on a set style for the series yet, and since I need tons of practice to get the outfits and background right, expect slow update and fluctuating art style.
Apparently my image is a bit too big for the blog template, but to read all the small texts, it’s inevitable. Click on the crunched up image to view the bigger, original size.

Next Chapter