Chapter 9: Hungry Hungry Hobbit

I did try to warn him, y’know…
What was in Hornblower’s pies? They must’ve been really bad berries!
Just when you thought delivering those pies and mail separately was a nuisance…
Here comes hardcore difficulty: Delivering pies by mail!

Words of the Stripper:
Appropriate Sound effect for the 2nd panel!

All the hobbit clothes are pretty accurate as seen in-game. In fact, I spent way too much time getting the details down. It was fun getting to know them though.
I still want their clothes for myself. Why do they get to dress better than me?!

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Carica Gets (NOT) Spam Mail

So, there I was, taking part in the Fellowship Walk for the baby bobbits, when the mail pigeon told me that I had a new mail waiting to be read. Because it happened just as we were leaving Bree however, I couldn’t check the mailbox for hours since then.
I was gradually getting curious what the mail could be as the mail notification icon kept taunting me, and I said to my kinmates that it would be funny if the mail I have wondered about for so long happened to be merely a spam mail.

And that’s when it happened.

Soon after, my mail notification started dinging (shaking to let you know you have new notification) and dinging and dinging even more constantly for literally dozens of times.
At first I thought “Oh great, I got more mail I can’t check,” but the much-too-frequent interval and the absurd quantity started making me nervous.
“Oh god, am I being bombarded with Unwanted Mail? Wormy Apples? Muffins? Or could it even be metal ingots?!”
And I was helpless, because we were out in the field of Lone-lands, walking across the Last Bridge and heading towards Bilbo’s Trolls, and nobody thought to place any mailbox on the route! I really ought to speak to Postman Redsmith about this.

Much later with the Fellowship Walk over at last, I made my way back to Michel Delving to finally solve the mystery of unread mails and found 30 parcels – yes, every mail had an item in it – so lovingly (Bah) crafted by tricksy man and hobbit!
The original mail that I wondered about was from Godwineson, sending me 13 Black Dust. Apparently when I made a claim that I do not eat metals but food that’s rich in mineral, he thought I would want to make mud-pies! The nerve! But after that, it was all Floradine – bless her soul – having fun with the mathoms (cough*junk*cough) she has acquired during the early part of the Fellowship Walk.

Sit back and light a pipeweed, because this is going to be a long read.

Thanks, Flora. You have indeed made this hobbit’s day a little brighter.
*vigorously shakes fist*

Chapter 4: You Cannot Escape

Darn Nosey Hobbit!
Bad Nosey Hobbit!!
Cursed Nosey Hobbit!!!

If you have ever come across the evil chain of quests for delivering mail in the Shire…
I pity your soul.
Those darn Nosey Hobbits will spot you from a mile away and make sure that you fail your quest no matter what.
Although, I must say that Nosey Hobbit is surprisingly well-dressed. I want her dress.

Word of the Stripper:
Did you see that? There was actually a new comic update within two weeks!
I’m trying to push for a bi-weekly release because I have so many ideas, and at the current pace it’ll be years before I get to draw them.
Then again, this could just be a coincidence and I could go back to my lazy state any day!

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