Chapter 8: The Undying

Based on a true story.

Words of the Stripper:
You see, there’s this series of survivor titles in LOTRO which are the ONLY missable titles ever in the game. Once you are defeated prematurely before acquiring those, you can never, ever get them again on that character, forever.

I died in the Old Forest at level 19 because I got too reckless as shown in the strip. It was really a hard decision to remake the character because it meant doing everything up to that all over again (including dodging all the nosey hobbits) but in the end it was worth it. I played extra carefully in the next play-through up to 20 and that’s the Carica you see now! (And yes, I died soon after I got the Undying title. LOL)

Yep, that person in panel 6 & 7 is indeed your stripper behind the screen. (Holy 4th wall breaking, batman!) And no, my monitor isn’t that big, but had to make it big enough for the pop up menu to show up and keep the head small enough to make room for the text.
Also, that last panel is the first panel of Chapter 2 where I create my minstrel character for consistency and time loop paradox funsies! It says “3rd” because my very first character was made on Brandywine server before I found out that Landroval was the happening place for casual RP, thankfully while I was still a level 6 baby hobbit.

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Author: Carica

An ever so hungry and nosy hobbit who likes chickening around with a pie in one hand and a pretzelhorn in the other.

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